Importance of Intruder Alarms

Top 5 reasons to install home alarm systems

Often, our home could be at risk of crimes when we are not around. A security system protects your property and increases the value of a modern home. When you install a security alarm system, the home insurance companies reduce your premium costs. With that said, here are five reasons why burglar alarm systems are worth your investment.

Protecting your home and family from burglars

There are several benefits found in-home security system; fortunately, there is less crime in communities that have high installation of home alarm systems. Thieves target a home without a security system and ignore a home with one. A security system warns you and your family members when intruders attack and you can find a safe location while waiting for the local authorities to arrive.

Protecting your valuables

The valuables that you collect throughout your life are a part of you. They include sentimental inheritances that represent your accomplishments and who you are. However, when burglars take your valuables they are interested in the retail value and don’t care about your feeling towards your possessions. The home alarm system deters burglars from entering your home and assists an additional function. The alarm signals authorities when a home has been robbed and increases the chance of catching the intruder in the act. The video footage will also help the homeowners in creating a record of what is missing.

Reduces the homeowner’s insurance

To become a homeowner, you must have homeowner insurance. The cost of applying for the insurance varies on the payment plans, type of house, insurance plans and location. The insurance covers private homes and their properties from damage and loss that occur from devastating events such as hurricane, tornadoes and fire. The homeowner’s insurance gives a significant discount to homeowners who have a security system installed in their homes. The discounts given to homeowners differ based on the features that the system has acquired. For example, a huge discount is awarded to a system that is monitored by a central station compared to one that is not.

Obtain medical assistance when required

Due to the concern of homeowners about medical conditions, alarm companies offer medical alert pendants to individuals. When in need, individuals press a button and an emergency service goes to their home immediately. These services are mostly requested by people whose loved ones have special needs, sick individuals and children of aged parents. The elderly parents are susceptible to falling; luckily, the medical alert feature makes it possible for them to signal for help when they fall and they are alone. Since the feature is not standard, many homeowners systems offer it at a fee.

Reduce the consumption of energy in your home

Home automation is becoming popular in many home security companies despite being a new concept. Users can access and control the thermostat, light and other small appliances at your home with a remote. For example, several owners shut down the systems that heat and cool when they are not around and switch them back on when they are going back home to find a comfortable home. The feature also enables homeowners to turn on lights in their homes while still at their office, thus, arriving at a well-lit home. Fortunately, the feature deters away intruders as they assume someone is at home when they are not.

The home security alarm will provide you with adequate protection since you cannot do that all the time. The cost of getting one can be expensive but, not having one can cost you more.