What is an auto locksmith?

Cars are a great convenience that very few people can afford to abscond even for a day. That is why a simple mistake like locking your keys inside a car or misplacing them can be very disorienting. Auto locksmiths are a dedicated team of mechanics who specialise in opening locked cars and programming new keys to replace what you just lost.

Who Are Auto Locksmiths?

Auto locksmiths are a blend of mechanics and lock experts who understand how your car works and have all the tools they need to open up a car so that you can retrieve a locked in key or create a new key for you.

They will need some time to gain access to your car without damaging it in any way hence ensuring that you won’t have to pay for any extra repairs like replacing a smashed window or replacing the lock on your car.

The work of an auto locksmith will vary depending on your car security system. Your car could be using either the old physical insert-and-turn keys or a key less security system. This determines the course of action the locksmith takes when trying to gain access and replace your lost keys.

Pricking the Door Lock

This approach is used for cars on the traditional key lock technology. The locksmith uses a set of specialised lock pickers, a slim and Jim or J and L tools to open the door before gaining access to the ignition and lock mechanism and using its internal layout to cut a new key. The final step of cutting a new key won’t be necessary if you had left the keys in the car.

Reprogramming Your Car Lock and Key

If your car uses any form of key less entry, the auto locksmith will use a transponder or car key programming tool to either create a copy of the key or open the car before reprogramming a new key. Some cars need the car open before programming a new key. In this case, the locksmith with use key analyser to make a copy of your key without getting an original physical copy.

Flashing the Immobiliser

Most cars now have theft deterrent systems popularly referred to as immobilisers. Gaining access to the car without the official key will most likely trigger the immobiliser rendering the car useless. The locksmith will also reset this gadget hence letting you drive your car successfully with your new set of cars.

An auto locksmith is the right person to call in case your car immobiliser was triggered by a botched car theft attempt.

Always Keep a Copy of Your Keys at a Safe Place

While most people remember auto locksmiths in times of emergencies, a wise car owner will always visit a locksmith as soon as they purchase a key to get a spare key. Having an extra key you can leave at home should come in handy in case you use your main key.

The locksmith can use this key to create a replacement copy without having to try and pop your lock. This is especially important in highly secured vehicles that are hard to open without a key. This is not to say that a skilled locksmith won’t open the car for you but it will be cheaper and more successful if you have something they can make a copy from.

Next time you lose your key or lock it inside your car, don’t panic. Just call your mechanic or auto locksmith and ask for help. Going for certified and company endorsed locksmiths is always a good idea since it won’t void your car warranty or sometimes insurance.